The skin is the most important and largest organ in the human body. It acts as a strong defence against infection and germs from the outside world. You can't deny its inexhaustible contribution to your body's moisture balance. A small break in the skin allows bacteria and viruses to enter our bodies. However, most people do not take proper care of it.

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Newborns have the softest, smoothest skin. So why can't people stay the same throughout their lives? The biggest offender is the environment. The environment's harsh elements and pollution cause the skin to age and droop. For our skin to be healthy and attractive, proper skin care is required. Your entire health will improve if you take care of your skin.

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Do you know what your skin is trying to tell you? What does it require? No! Then you must become intimately acquainted with your skin. It is made up of three layers. The subcutaneous tissue is the innermost layer, followed by the Dermis, and finally by the Epidermis. Fat cells are found in the subcutaneous layer, and connective tissues are found in the dermis. The epidermis protects the inner skin from potentially harmful contaminants. However, as the cells in the epidermis thin, the skin loses elasticity. UVA and UVB rays are also important in all of this.

Skin care procedure

You can make a daily routine to make your skin look healthier and younger.

  • Skin moisturising - Moisturized skin is the best barrier against bacteria and viruses. The first step in moisturising your body is to cleanse it. It removes dead skin cells, keeps moisture in the skin, and prevents pimples and acne. For this, try fabonaturals natural face wash for dry skin. This type of face wash and cleanser we use must be appropriate for our skin type. A light moisturiser is appropriate for the day, and a heavy moisturiser is appropriate for the evening.


  • Healthy nutrition - Beauty comes from within. So, no matter how many products you apply from the outside, if your body does not receive adequate nutrition, your skin will never look beautiful. A healthy diet is essential for improving skin elasticity. In addition, you must drink plenty of water. It cleanses the pores and moisturises the skin. Tobacco use must be avoided.


  • Skin comfort - It is critical to keep our skins comfortable. The more comfortable the skin, the healthier it is. Skin discomfort is caused by dryness and dehydration. Proper nutrition can provide it with relief.


  • Faster healing - Your skin can sustain injuries such as scrapes, cuts, and burns. After consulting a skin specialist, try to heal it faster by applying cream or taking medicine.


  • Sun protection - The sun is the source of tanning and skin damage. It can also cause skin cancer. Don't forget to apply sunscreen to the exposed parts of your body before venturing out during the day. Try face gel sunscreen and protect your screen.

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Everyone wishes to have healthy and flawless skin in this day and age, but survival often takes a back seat. This is where FABONATURALS comes in to connect you all and ensure your skin's health, providing you with a salon-like effect for all skin types.

FABONATURALS works with one goal in mind: to provide the best for everyone. We source the best products at the best prices from the best suppliers. Our diverse products, from handpicked leaves to natural organic ingredients filled skin products, make it our mission to provide you with the best skincare possible.

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