No matter what stage of life you're in, using good skin care products can make your skin look and feel better, whether you're battling acne or attempting to look younger and at the same time, natural.

Since ancient times, rose water has been a common element in cosmetics, cuisines, and beverages because of the numerous advantages it offers.

Being Anti Septic in nature, many skincare specialists and dermatologists recommend using rose water in everyday life.

What is Rosewater? Where Is It from?

Water and rose petals are combined to create rose water. Rose petals are soaked or steamed to create scented water known as rosewater.

Rose water is made by combining water and rose petals. Rosewater is a fragrant liquid made by soaking or steaming rose petals. It is used in numerous facets of life. It is utilized in cosmetics and medications because of its therapeutic properties. It is frequently used in the culinary and fragrance industries because of its smell. Rosewater is an important element in religious practices in many nations.

It first originated in Persia as the byproduct of rose oil by Ibn Sina, a famous physician, and scientist of his time. According to many sources even today around 85-90% of the world’s rose water comes from Iran and the Central Asian Region.

Benefits of Rosewater for Your Face and Skin

Because of its countless benefits and naturally beautiful fragrance, rose water is a very popular skincare material used by people of every age group. Here are some benefits of rosewater for the face and skin.

  • Revitalizes the skin

Being anti-aging in nature, rose water regulates the skin’s water content and at the same time, it helps in fighting the dead and dehydrating cells. It also helps in balancing the natural PH level of the skin which leads to a healthy and toned appearance.  Rose water can help your skin's pores relax and decrease excess oil on your skin.

  • Helps in fighting Skin Inflammation

Rose water's anti-inflammatory qualities help to relieve the itch and irritation brought on by illnesses and rashes.

  • Improves your Mood

Rose Water’s benefits are not only evident at the physical level but also at the mental level. It lifts our mood and at the same time reduces anxiety, and stress and helps us appear at ease. Many people use rose water before going to sleep just to improve their sleep quality. It also improves the overall blood circulation in our bodies.

  • High in Nutritious Values

Apart from its beautification and aesthetic advantages, Rose water is naturally a very healthy alternative in comparison to other skin products. It has vitamins A, B, D, and C in abundance which boosts the regeneration of cells and water content.

  • Protects the Skin

Rose water protects the skin from infections and harmful diseases like Eczema and Shingles. Being anti-inflammatory in nature it acts like a shield for your face and skin.

  • Also used as a Hair Product

Rose water not only benefits your skin but also your scalp and overall hair quality. With its uncountable advantages like promoting hair growth, moisturizing dry hair, fighting enemies like dandruff and scalp damage and maintaining the PH level of hair.

Due to its highly moisturizing abilities, it is also used as a hair conditioner which makes our hair smooth and soft, and at the same time, it reduces hair fall.

 What to Look for in a Rosewater Spray?

Rose Water is easily available in the market and many brands and sellers try to sell impure rose water in the name of Authentic Rose Water. It becomes really important to know the real difference between pure and impure rose water.

The rose water should be completely transparent in color as it is made from the process of distillation and condensation in which its nutritious values and color remain the same.

 It should be natural and free of any artificial ingredients like chemicals or color. Have a look at the list of ingredients used in making the product and it should be free of any unnatural substance.

If using a particular rose water irritates your skin or eyes, it is fake as pure rose water provides a cooling effect to the skin and eyes

The rosewater has a very delicate fragrance and if the smell is too sweet or strong then it might be having some extra added substances to overpower its scent.

 How to Use Rose Water?

It is not fixed or a particular way of using rose water in everyday life. Its usage depends on various factors like Climate, Skin Type, Lifestyle, etc. But here are some ways you can incorporate this into your routine.

After taking a bath, just massage your face with rose water with the help of cotton. Its anti-bacterial and cooling benefits will instantly hydrate your skin and you will feel soothed straight away.

Simply spraying rose water on your skin and face after taking a bath can help in maintaining the oil level of your skin and at the same time promote relaxation.

 What Skin Type is Rose Water Good for?

Rose Water is beneficial for all types of skin but dermatologists recommend people with dry skin and people with uneven or mixed skin combinations frequently use rose water as it maintains the water level of the skin. Also, people with very oily skin should also use rose water as it balances the oil on their face and skin.

Rose water is said to be pleasant on the skin, so, people with sensitive skin can use rose water as it does not irritate any part of the skin.


Q1. Can you drink rose water?

Only pure water is safe for consumption as rosewaters made for other purposes like cosmetics and medications have some added ingredients that can be harmful if consumed.

 Q2. How Long Can You Keep rosewater?

The lifespan of Rose Water usually lies between 6 months to 2 years based on the process used in making it and the additional ingredients added. Store rosewater in cool and dry places. You can also keep them in the refrigerator but make sure it is properly closed or sealed.

 Q3. Can You Use Rosewater Daily?

Because of its benefits and gentle nature, Yes, you can use it daily. Usually, professionals recommend using it during the day after taking a bath and at the night before sleeping so that your skin can totally soak its benefit while you sleep.

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