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Charcoal Neem And Ubtan Soap

Charcoal Neem And Ubtan Soap
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Charcoal Neem And Ubtan Soap
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We bring the Neem soap with charcoal has been a big hit with teens because it clears up non-cystic acne almost immediately.  It’s black but our neem soap with charcoal is formulated with concentrated (and bio-activated) neem charcoal. the other is ubtan soap so Everyone in their households have been exposed to the yellow paste that's applied all over the body and skin fabonaturals bring the best by converting the remedy in the form of ubtan soap. Ubtan is a natural face mask that's filled with loads of goodness. Gentle exfoliation with natural ingredients like gram flour leaves the skin feeling fresh.


Neem soap has antibacterial properties. So the skin problems caused by these bacteria and the like will not appear on your body. Along with it had more benefits like decrease the pores,  reduces the oil, overcoming the Acnes etc.

Whereas the fabonatural charcoal soap helps in reduces inflammation, which is ideal in preventing premature aging. Other benefits of activated charcoal soap include; reduce blackheads  and whiteheads, moisturizing your skin, fighting odors.

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