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Hydration Combo

Hydration Combo
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Hydration Combo
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In era of this acne prone skin, give the refreshment of the best combo ever of our acnes and pores. Our white rose water have the naturals fragnance of the white roses and the distilled water which helps to hydrate the skin and refreshes our pores in this summer. And the Serum  is rich in Vitamins C & E which two you need to pep up your skin when it's looking tired. Basically, it’s the answer to all our skincare dreams.


Rose water: It helps in light cleansing and clarifying actions helps remove cleanser residue and prep the skin for further skincare treatment. It can help calm skin irritation and even works well to soothe sunburn

Skin brightening serum: These serums are used for treating and reducing the intensity of uneven skin tone, pigmentation, spots, dullness, and skin dryness.

How to use:

Spray Rose water few times on your face and let it absorb and also you can use It as a makeup remover. Face serum Next, gently apply a small amount of serum to your face and neck with either your fingertips or palms. Then, wait 5 minutes for your face serum to fully absorb into your skin.

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