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Rose Water, Oil free Sunscreen, Scrub, Facewash

Rose Water, Oil free Sunscreen, Scrub, Facewash
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Rose Water, Oil free Sunscreen, Scrub, Facewash
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  • Model: Rose Water, Oil free Sunscreen, Scrub, Facewash

Fabonaturals cucumber face wash work together to cleanse, hydrate & unclog your pores. It is for all skin types. It helps soothe inflamed skin and calm down any signs of irritation. The white rose water provide instant hydration while rejuvenating tired and dull skin. Vitamin C Face exfoliating Scrub removes dead skin cells and reveal radiance and makes your skin looking younger.  The Oil free sunscreen is non-greasy, water resistant, blends easily and is suitable for all skin types. It is based formulation with PA+++ Rating (highest grade for UVA protection) and SPF 50 (blocks 98% of UVB Rays).

Benefits :

Cucumber Face wash: These help to deeply cleanse your skin while controlling excess oils and associated problems, such as acne and gives the cooling presence to the skin. 

White rose water : It is Alcohol-free pure rosewater stimulates the skin cells. It can help calm skin irritation and even works well to soothe sunburn 

Vitamin C Face Scrub: It is effective in treating, specifically blackheads. By functioning as an antioxidant, vitamin C decreases the number of visible blackheads by reducing sebum oxidation.

Oil free sunscreen:  With Niacinamide and Aloe leaf that not only protects your skin from the sun but also screens.

How to use :

Step 1: Take out the foaming facewash, apply it on your face in a circular motion.

Step 2:  Spray Rose Water generously let it absorb into your skin completely. 

Step 3: Wet your face with water thoroughly. Apply the generous amount of scrub on your wet face and massage thoroughly. Applying the least amount of pressure.

Step 4: Apply generously, 15 minutes before sun exposure.

Reapply as & when required.

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