Anti aging Serum restores the skin’s bounce, smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, and reduces dark spots to give you skin that’s ageless.
With time, the skin’s cell turnover starts to slow down, causing the skin to lose its elasticity and becoming prone to discoloration and other signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines. With a high concentration of antioxidants, Retinol boosts collagen and increases cell turnover, reducing lines and wrinkles. Meanwhile, Bakuchiol , often called a natural form of Retinol, helps alter mature skin cells’ behavior, so they act more youthful.

Benefits :

Anti-Aging for Spotless Skin:
Retinol alters the behavior of aged cells, supports healthy cell turnover to refine skin texture, boost radiance, & treat the signs of aging.

Gentle Exfoliation:
The serum is formulated with a soothing base to ensure a steady and even release into the skin to minimize irritation associated with Retinol.


A form of Vitamin A, Retinol alters the behavior of aged cells and supports healthy cell turnover to refine skin texture, boost radiance, and treat aging signs.

Glycerin is great for the skin because it acts as a humectant, allowing the skin to retain moisture. It increases skin hydration & relieves dryness.

BAKUCHIOL: Ayurvedic alternative to retinol that promotes skin elasticity, helps to unclog pores, and aids in fading dark spots and evens appearance of skin tone.

How to use: 
Use PM. Apply on cleansed face after your water based serums, and before moisturizer. Start with 2-3 times per week & increase gradually. Use of sunscreen is highly recommended when you are using this product.